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We oversee a managed lifting operation by planning and supervising it. First, we conduct a thorough site visit to provide you with a comprehensive method statement, which includes a site plan and a detailed description of the planned lift.
We will also provide risk assessments and select the appropriate crane, equipment, insurance cover, and operator. We will also communicate with relevant local authorities for road closures and parking restrictions if needed.

During the lifting operation, our team, which includes an Appointed Person/Crane Supervisor, Crane Operator, and Slinger/Signaller, work collaboratively to ensure safety and success.

Our qualified and competent Appointed Person follows all relevant regulations and codes of practice endorsed by the CPA to supervise the lifting operation.


As per the standard CPA Crane Hire agreement, we offer a crane and a competent crane operator to follow your instructions as the customer. Your Appointed Person is responsible for planning the lift, creating a method statement, and providing all necessary risk assessments.

Additionally, you are accountable for all equipment and personnel involved.
To summarize, with a CPA Hire, you are entirely responsible for planning, controlling, supervising, and insuring the crane operation and personnel.

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